Laser Treatment Workshop

Date: Friday, 15 September 2017

8:00-11:15 (morning session)

13:30-16:30 (afternoon session)

*only sign up for one of these courses- the morning and afternoon sessions are the same

Cost: 30 EURO
Room: Lounge 5

Dr. Maurice Adatto

Prof. Moshe Lapidoth

Dr. Christine Dierickx

Overview: This workshop will help attendees update their knowledge in EBD treatments presently used in modern dermatologic surgery. Their evaluation and management of patients affected by dermatological problems suitable to be treated by lasers, RF, US, polychromatic light  and more energy sources will be positively influenced by presentations on treatment strategies using videos and oral presentations.. Practical evaluations and management tips will be discussed by chair persons at the end of each main session. This meeting is addressed to the practicing clinician with specific interests in dermatological laser and EBD treatments.
Learning objectives:

1. Understand the present theoretical  and practical basis of modern lasers and energy based devices (EBD) in dermatology

2. Have knowledge of progressive evolution of the current EBD treatments presently used in dermatology

3. Choose the appropriate strategies to effectively treat commonly encountered problems in a modern dermatological-surgical practice

Level of proficiency: This course is designed for practicing clinicians with specific interests in dermatological laser and EBD  treatments.

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