Aesthetic Sunday

The 2017 Aesthetic Sunday programme has been created by 10 worldwide, renowned specialists and will most certainly satisfy your requests for excellence and training in aesthetics and cosmetic dermatology.

One single day will be dedicated to the basics and “hot topics” on Sunday, 17 September.  Topics such as “Energy based devices, including lasers”, “Peels”, “Fillers”, “Botulinum toxin” “Threads”, “Scars”, “Complications” plus much more, will be covered in the below 4 parallel tracks…

*The full programme with confirmed speakers is available for viewing here.

Track 1

D4T1.1 Energy based devices, including lasers

·         Lasers fundamentals

·         Laser safety

·         EBD fundamentals

·         How to start lasers in a new clinic

D4T1.2 Energy based devices, including lasers

·         Vascular laser applications

·         Pigment lesion treatment

·         Laser hair removal

·         Ablative and non-ablative laser therapy for cosmetic and medical indications

D4T1.3 Peels

·         Superficial peels

·         Medium depth peels

·         Deep peel vs. medium depth peel

·         Complications of peels: How to manage?


Track 2

D4T2.1 Fillers

·         Anatomy

·         Different fillers

·         Injection techniques

·         Safety

D4T2.2 Fillers

·         Upper face

·         Mid face:  A pound of lead or a kilo of feathers?

·         Lower face

·         Complications and management

D4T2.3 Botulinum toxin

·         Products and dilutions

·         Injection techniques

·         Anatomy: Upper face

·         Anatomy: Lower face


Track 3

D4T3.1 Acne and rosacea

·         New technologies for acne

·         New technologies for rosacea

·         Toxins

·         Acne scars

D4T3.2 Scars

·         Wound healing and scar formation

·         Scar prevention

·         Acne scars

·         Keloids/hypertrophic scars

D4T3.3 Non-invasive body contouring

·         Pathogenesis of fat accumulation and cellulite

·         Non-invasive body contouring: Cold

·         Non-invasive body contouring: Heat

·         Non-invasive body contouring: Others


Track 4

D4T4.1 Treatable pigmentary disorders

·         Hyperpigmentation

·         Hypopigmentation

·         Melasma

·         Tattoos

D4T4.2 Threads

·         Threads

·         Injection lipolysis

·         PRP/stem cell treatment

·         Microneedling

D4T4.3 Complications: Prevention and treatment

·         How to manage the patient with complications

·         Laser and EBD

·         Fillers

·         Neurotoxins



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