Conditions to participate


Upon notification by the EADV, chairs, co-chairs and invited speakers in the official scientific programme will receive a complimentary full registration. The registration badge and documents will be organised directly by the EADV Registration Department and you will automatically receive the registration confirmation letter no later than 2/3 weeks before the Congress.

Speakers invited to the oral sessions to present their own work and abstracts (Free Communications and Oral e-Poster presentation) will be required to pay for the full registration fee.

Speaker Disclosure of Potential Conflicts of Interest

All speakers must disclose any possible conflicts of interest before accepting an invitation. Speakers must also explain any conflicting interests to the audience at the start of the lecture. A slide indicating conflict of interest or a confirmation if there is none, should also be shown on the screen after the title of presentation. If no announcement is made, the chairperson shall ask for any relevant disclosure at the end of the presentation.

The EADV Scientific Programming Committee requires that all presentations be as free of commercial bias as possible and that any information on commercial products or services be based on already generally accepted medical thinking. It is also preferred that generic drug names be used wherever possible and that any presentation referring to unlabelled or research-associated commercial products should disclose this situation to session attendees.

Programme Format

Sessions shall be of a high professional and educational level. A session should be planned, coordinated, administered and evaluated in terms of educational objectives.

Audio visual Requirements

All rooms will be prepared for PowerPoint presentations. Speakers should express any special needs in advance.

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